Download a phone script and call your elected officials to enlist support for the Zero Hour Seattle Demands!
Youth Climate  Movement
The march was just the beginning. 
Call your local officials today to demand action!

Download a phone script that includes contact information for Seattle area elected officials

#1 Immediately sign the Fossil Fuel Integrity Pledge

#2 Provide free and accessible mass transit and bike share to all youth in Seattle and King County by August 2019

#3  Convert all mass transit to renewable electric power, starting with zero-emission school buses

#4 Halt the construction of the new King County Youth Detention Center, and invest in diversion and restorative justice programs

  1. Big Oil Funk
    Performance by Aji Piper & Adonis Williams Zero Hour: Seattle Youth Climate March July 21, 2018
  2. Climate "Lorax"
    Performance by Plant for the Planet Seattle Climate Justice Ambassadors Zero Hour: Seattle Youth Climate March July 21, 2018

Why We March

We believe that this zero hour to act on climate change. This is the last hour, the last generation that can do something about climate change​​

We believe that having clean air, water, and a livable future is a right, not a privilege.

We believe that we cannot wait for adults to do something about climate change.


​We're looking for people to join our leadership collective to organize Zero Hour Seattle and demand bold action on climate from our elected officials.
“We don’t have a hidden agenda. There is no
money motivation. We want to breathe clean
air, we want to drink clean water, we want to
have a planet that is livable.”
-Jamie Margolin